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Christel Cosijn | Photograpy Richelle van den Dungen Gronovius
[ To explain and describe this artist Is as hard as to explain her paintings ]

1962   Christel was born 09-12-1962 in Breda, The Netherlands.
She is leading a turbulent life with all kind of studies and jobs, moving around in sunny Europe (Spain, Tenerife and Greece).
1990   Christel works as a teacher in Breda.  
1992   Christel immigrates to Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, as a teacher.  
2002   After ten years she starts questioning the meaning of life again.  
2003   Christel returns to The Netherlands by mistake. She begins her
pain(t)fights to bring back the colour into her life that she left in the tropics.
2004   Since Christel had a seldom spiritual experience her work seems to come from another dimension.  
2005   Christel wins the first prize in a Dutch poem contest. She returns to Bonaire to reunite with her daughter Nikita.  
2006   Christel starts painting fishes and portraits. She even offers Queen Beatrix her portrait which pleased her Majesty.  
2007   People from all over the world love her rich use of coulors and highly appreciate her abstract works in their homes and offices. At the end of the year Christel meets her X-factor: Richelle van den Dungen Gronovius.  
2008   Richelle & Christel become an amazingly successful combination. They start writing articles for the newspaper Antilliaans Dagblad.  
2009   They start the Big Bang Express: www.bigbangexpress.com  
2011   They publish Black Mamba (Young Adult thriller) using covername Rosee Bentana: www.roseebentana.com  
2012   Publisher Noordhoff contracts Black Mamba as 'Jonge Lijster' during the schoolyear 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. See: www.lijsters.nl  
2013   Christel visites many high schools in The Netherlands and Belgium because a lot of youngsters are reading Black Mamba.
Black Mamba is also available in English. More info: info@roseebentana.com.
2014   Christel and Richelle write Black Mamba II. One of their dreams is to stay in the magical hotel Atlantis in Dubai. Visit the website: www.atlantisthepalm.com.  
2016   Christel and Richelle start Monkeyway - Professional Online Hulp.  

Please contact the Big Bang Express for more information in case you are interested in Christel's works, exhibitions or products.
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